Comparison of 430 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel

430 stainless steel, known as “stainless iron” in our stainless steel industry, has good corrosion resistance and better thermal conductivity than austenitic stainless steel. Currently, it is mainly used in architectural decoration, local home appliance parts, fuel burners Parts and other scenarios at room temperature or high temperature.

However, since the chromium content in 430 stainless steel is much less than that of 304, it is not as good as 304 in terms of hardness. However, 430 stainless steel is not food-grade stainless steel at all, and most of the time, stainless steel is made of recycled scrap iron, steel, lead and other materials through secondary processing and a series of treatments.

430 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel ≠ food grade stainless steel, as long as it conforms to the national GB9684 standard certification and can really come into contact with food without causing physical harm, it belongs to food grade stainless steel.

Orthodox manufacturers usually use 304 (ie 18-8) and 430 (ie 18-0) stainless steel as forks and spoons. 430 is magnetic, 304 is micromagnetic. Therefore, when purchasing stainless steel tableware, you can easily identify it with a magnet.

Food stainless steel products are divided into two categories according to their uses. There is also a type of stainless steel tableware, which is commonly used in daily contact with knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks and other tableware that directly contact food.

The main safety problem of stainless steel for food contact is the migration of heavy metals. Under normal circumstances, stainless steel products do not pose a food safety risk during the process of holding, cooking or contacting food. When the heavy metals migrated in the use of stainless steel products exceed the limit, it may endanger human health.

430 stainless steel is not food grade, 430 belongs to ferritic stainless steel, with magnetism, known as stainless iron, used to make knives, etc. ). Such as 201 202 301 304 (austenite has good corrosion resistance), so 430 stainless steel is not very safe to make tableware, because 430 stainless steel has poor corrosion resistance.