630mm×5mm stainless steel seamless steel pipe passed the inspection and exported to Russia

This kind of large-caliber ultra-thin-wall stainless steel seamless pipe product is our company’s special product. Previously, customers searched for many factories, but they were unable to produce such specifications. The larger the diameter of the steel pipe, the thinner the thickness. During the production process, cold drawing fractures are prone to occur, causing the steel pipe to be scrapped, and the risk cost is higher. Our factory has been transformed into the production of thin-walled stainless steel seamless pipes since 2010. After exploration and trial production, the current production experience is mature, the product tolerance requirements, and the mechanical properties fully meet the corresponding standards of ASTM, ASME, GOST, JIS, EN, GB, mainly exported to Singapore and the Middle East and Europe and the United States.

Product parameters:

Product name: 201 stainless steel seamless steel pipe
Material: AISI 321
Process: cold drawn
Standard: GOST 9941-81
Specifications: 630mm×5mm

1. Before each cold drawing of the steel pipe, the whole process of wall measurement is carried out to ensure that the thickness of the whole steel pipe is uniform and not eccentric

2. After the heat treatment of the steel pipe, the mouth is slightly deformed, waiting for the full circle treatment.

3. The steel pipe is round. After passing the inspection, put on the cap to avoid oral injury.

4. According to the customer’s requirements, orally with the mark logo.

5. Pack the steel pipes and transport them to the port (it is recommended that the factory install the top cabinet to avoid damage)