Matters needing attention in the polishing process of stainless steel

What are the keywords commonly used in mechanical polishing?

Abrasive: The particles in the polishing wax that play a role in cutting and leveling. Grease: stearic acid, fatty acid, paraffin, etc., which play a role in lubricating and cooling in polishing wax. Cutting force: The ability of the polishing wax to grind and level the workpiece being polished.

2. The general mechanical polishing process is divided into several steps?

Answer: The general mechanical polishing process is divided into three steps: rough grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. Coarse grinding: mainly use sand abrasives to grind workpieces with relatively rough surfaces to remove macroscopic uneven surfaces. Intermediate grinding: On the basis of rough grinding, further polishing is performed to remove rough grinding scratches. After this process, the surface of the workpiece is gradually smooth and bright. Fine grinding: fine polishing process to achieve the desired brightness. Shengding reminds: To get the best performance, you must choose a suitable polishing wax.

Our polishing wax comes in a square shape and is easy to use. Use different colors to mark different varieties of polishing wax to avoid confusion. A high content of abrasive can speed up the entire polishing process. This process smoothes the material by moving the polishing wax and the surface of the buffing wheel.